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Aug. 2007 Back to School

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    August 2007 Back-To-School issue of NJ Life & Leisure.

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November 08, 2007



Oh...well ok. It's no problem. =] Thanks! It was fun entering.

NJ Life & Leisure

Sorry, due to space limitations in the magazine we will not be able to publish the essays. The original rules were supposed to say "excerpts" from the winning essays would be published. We sincerely apologize for the mistake. We will make sure that we are more clear next year and welcome you to keep checking back, we have a new contest planned for the Spring and Summer so watch for that announcement.


Do they get published?...sorry to be a pest!




One more thing....the 5 finalists....what happens to their essays? Do they get published like it said in the newspaper? Because, well, in the newspaper it says the 5 contestents that generate the most comments, their essays will be published in their 2008 March issue.




Okay. Thank you very much!

NJ Life & Leisure

We removed the foul language.

We extended the deadline because we promoted this contest in various places. One of the mailings was delayed due to a printing error. In order to be fair we felt we had to extend the deadline because of that mailing going out late.

The 5 finalists have already been chosen as of the closing date of the contest and although people can still comment, those comments have no bearing on the contest.

The official poll for voting will be posted later this week.

Thank you all for entering and good luck!!


that person^^^^ kinda right...and i still need my questioned answered...=)


Shouldnt the deadline have passed for this contest, how are people still allowed to post their essays- the deadline was February 15th and essays are still being submitted. Thats not fair to the people who followed the rules and did things legitimately. Great lesson being taught here.


i still need an answer please.......


I have a question about this contest. I entered and I got comments. But, today I found out that some random people wrote comments with fowl languagae. I sent an e-mail to asking them if they can somehow delete those comments, and now I'm asking you....can you some how delete those commentes with fowl language, if you can please do so. My name is Bjonda, and when you click my article, you would be able to see those comments. Thanks!

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