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Aug. 2007 Back to School

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    August 2007 Back-To-School issue of NJ Life & Leisure.

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January 23, 2008



Coming from another country myself, I feel that I have walked in your parents'shoes, and made my home, just as they did, here in New Jersey. I particularly loved the poetic way you described Church Street; I could see and smell every flower, visualize all the little shops full of surprises, feel the cool water of Deer Lake. As you also pointed out, New Jersey has its artistic side: dance, theater, music, painting, etc... You pretty much covered everything, and I enjoyed your essay tremendously.


wayne robbins

I look forward to having segments of Inside Montclair reach all those that do not have cable tv, to have an opportunity to see some of our neighbors and activities/events, that make our community so very special

Wayne Robbins Producer/Host

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