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Aug. 2007 Back to School

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    August 2007 Back-To-School issue of NJ Life & Leisure.

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January 20, 2008



I've lived here my whole life and Beth explains the things I've experienced the best.


Bethany makes even me, a native upstate New Yorker, finally proud to be a resident of New Jersey. She says it the best!!!!


You said everything you can ever do in new jersey and more! nice job!


fantastic essay!


WOW! your essay was amazing i loved it. it has informed me of many things that i didn't know and i have lived in nj all my life.


Nice description of our great state. Your essay captures the role our state has played in history.

Brian A Clarke

Great Job!! I've always been proud of my Jersey Heritage. Your essay captures why.

Brian Clarke


Your essay is very good. I know your gonna win. NJ rocks my socks!


ah, i love your essay! It reminded me of the beautiful state we live in and that it has so much to offer. I learned a lot about New Jersey just from this small essay. I love the beach as well!


Nice job Kaitlyn! I some times forget how lucky I am to live in a state with so much to do. Thanks for the reminder, can't wait to go to the beach!


wow! i thought the essay was amazing. it was a real eye opener even for a jersey born jersey critic like myself. the fact that you melded your opinions with facts added another great level to the essay.

Jill B

Kaitlyn, what a great essay! I'm so tired of hearing everyone bash NJ. While the thought of moving out of NJ has crossed our minds from time to time, we always come back to the fact that NJ will always be home and home is where we want to be.


Kaitlyn, your essay is amazing!! Great job, I learned a lot about NJ from it. Very nicely done!


This was an excellent essay - and chock full of information that would make anyone who doesn't live here WANT to live here. It made me think more about New Jersey - and how much I would miss it if I moved away. Great job!

Michele W.

the beaches are the best. you are right the Jersey Shore is great.


new jersey is everything you said. I moved here from Oregon and I love it

dave triboli

Those concerts at the pnc are greattt. I just saw def leppard there this past summer, sicck.

justin p.

I remember Mount Vernon skiing was sooo great


Great essay! Kaitlyn you are a wonderful writer. You've discribed many of NJ's fine attributes.


What a wonderful essay on NJ! I can tell you put a lot of time and hard work into crafting a well written essay. Bravo!

Robin H.

Beautiful essay. Thanks for reminding me of all that is good about NJ!

Noelle Kirchner

Great job, Kaitlyn! Your enthusiasm for New Jersey is honest, and you include several notable facts to pique the interest of your reader. I was born in the Midwest but now live in New Jersey, and I feel even prouder to live here after reading your work!


Great essay Kaitlyn! Your so right about NJ. It's a great place to live and so much to do.
Good Luck I really enjoyed it.


Great essay Kaitlyn! Your so right about NJ. It's a great place to live and so much to do.
Good Luck I really enjoyed it.

Mrs. Piercy

Wow! You are an impressive writer, Kaitlyn! Good Work!
I moved to NJ 22 years ago. I had NO idea how wonderful NJ was when I first arrived. It really is a very pretty state with lots of opportunities. I liked all the things that you highlighted in your essay. Go, Go, Go Kaitlyn....Could be famous, could be a BIG success! :-)

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