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Aug. 2007 Back to School

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    August 2007 Back-To-School issue of NJ Life & Leisure.

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January 20, 2008


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I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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Took me time to read all the comments, but I enjoyed the article.

Jenny Mesa

Christine, you wrote a great essay. You definately have a gift in expressing yourself. Through your eyes I can see that Montclair is a wonderful place to live in. Hopefully I will visit it soon.

Ester Mesa

Chirsitne, I really like your essay. It brought back memories of when my family and I came to this great country in the 1960's and went to New Jersey. You are an amazing girl and certainly know how to express that in writing.

Mara Zafrina

Remarkable essay Christine! I really do hope that you win. Your essay expresses New Jersey very well and I agree, it's an awesome place to live. I also agree that Church Street is really fun to walk around and just be out in the fresh air. Good luck! And you are an awesome best friend! :)

Kate Nash

This was a remarkable!!!! ily!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISTINE IS THE COOLEST GIRL I KMOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie Basch

I loved this esay!! Good job Christine!!!!!!!! ily!!!!!!!!!!

Janet Symore

Marvelous essay dahling. You are going to win for sure. When is your next novel coming out?

Carl Peterson

Great essay. Really thought- provoking!

Peter  Coronado

Christine, I think you can be a great novelist or poet someday. I really enjoyed reading your essay. It was very insightful and descriptive. Keep on writing.

Mary  Louise Clavareza

Christine, your essay is wonderful!!! It is well written and you describe New Jersey in such a vivid way. Keep on writing, it may be another career you might want to look into in the future. Congratulations!!!

Crystal Iton

Very good job Christine i really liked your essay and i even read it three times. If you dont win this thing then there is a big problem cause yours was soo good

Harry Field

I thought your essay was well crafted in the way that you described the things you love about Montclair. I really felt as if i was there when you began describing the Flower Store. I envisioned it perfectly thanks to your structured description of it all. I hope YOU WIN!!!!!

Bita Diomande

WOW, your essay is really convincing. It would make anybody want to atleast visit the places you depicted. Congratualted on a well written pusruasive essay!

Carol Squire

What a wonderfully written essay, It is apparent that your writing skills surpass your age. Your vivid use of description is exceptional. keep it up. :D

lucinda landon

Christine's essay completely captures the eclectic vibe that makes mew jersey a lovable anomoly amongst other states. I especially enjoyed her describtion of church street where i also find myself spending many afternoons. Clearly a talented writter with an impressive vocabulary and a stunning potential.

Maggie Lincoln

Dude! This is awesome! I completely encapsulates the vibe of the Jerzz! Rad job homie!!!

Red Morgan Bonney

This is a wonderful Essay, I believe your mother should be very proud of her highly literate daughter.

Sugar Sunny-Tower

this is an amazing essay! Good job Christine!

Robin Baytas

Great essay Christine! I loved everything you said about montclair and new jersey and you have a family that is fascinating. Amazing!!!

Noah Westreich

Not to mention that you probably didn't use once!

Noah Westreich

Christine, you have demonstrated an astounding, exceptional, extraordinary, fantastic, marvelous, miraculous, outstanding, preternatural, prodigious, rare, remarkable, sensational, singular, substantial, uncommon, unique, unparalleled, unusual, and wondrous piece of writing. May you triumph.

Sadie Hart

this essay is amazing for such a young writer!

Sydney Bristow

Wonderful job! I like how you incorporated you own family experiences into the essay but at the same time made it very relatable. great job.

Nadia Santos

Great essay Christine! You really captured the spirit of New Jersey. Continue with your writing and aspirations

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