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Aug. 2007 Back to School

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    August 2007 Back-To-School issue of NJ Life & Leisure.

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February 07, 2008



Could not have said it any better.
Great essay.


Awesome Job on this article Kristin. You are right when you say that NJ is such an opportunistic place for everyone. This state offers so much for so many that it is such a shame that only few realize it!


Thanks for reminding how great NJ is.
Why travel far when it is all here - just around the corner.

Thanks again!


I love to run on the beach, in the parks, and on trails. New Jersey provides resources for anything anyone likes to do!


Grew up in NJ
Educated in NJ
Work in NJ
and probably
Die in NJ
Would not have it any other way!


I am so glad my grandparents immigrated to NJ when they first came to the good ol' USA and not NYC.

Here we are today - generations later, not regretting one minute of it.

Thank you for reminding us how great NJ really is.


Nice to read that somebody sees other things besides what they see off the turnpike. It is not just factories, and swamp areas. Come inland - see the beaches - see our parks - enjoy NJ.

The Ohrn's

Great job Kristen! You could have a 2nd career in advertising! Beaches, parks, recreation, theatre and so close to NYC! The best of all worlds!


Nice - to the point essay. It seems that Jersey is the PLACE TO BE!!
Thanks for letting everyone know how great one little state can be.

Another marching band member

Absolutely correct! Without all the football fields, where would our marching bands go? Thanks for pointing this out. Maybe you should be a journalist?


Loved the essay! Excellent job Kristen!!


Excellent! Fantastic job!


Nice essay. You kind of said it all and you should do the publicity for NJ.


Great essay - very picturesque view of NJ.
Don't forget the nightlife either.

The Zwiazek's

Keep up the good work!!


Your essay makes me want to move to NJ and I am just across the water in Staten Island. It is very tempting!

Perfect essay - it says it all!


I came from Brooklyn and have not missed it at all living here in Jersey.
You are absolutely right about all the good things. Keep up the good work!


Have to agree with you - lot of great points about NJ. That's why they call it the Garden State - nice and green!


I do miss NJ - sorry sometimes I moved down here to Florida. Can't beat the education in NJ nor the weather. Lots of luck with this essay - it's GREAT!


Great essay, Kristen!! Can't find a better state to live or have my children educated in. You know we spent a lot of time at our beaches and love the ocean. Can't find that everywhere!

Joyce B.

Great essay Kristen! So many people underestimate what New Jersey has to offer; you made some excellent points.


You know I love the water and the beaches have definitely been cleaned up and the water also. It really isn't so bad.


Nice Job Kristen....I could not agree more.

Ed B

Good Jog Kristen you are a STAR

Emily LaMorte

Good job Kristen! That is just the best thing I ever read! How come I never win anything?

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